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About the Center for Biodiversity Science

Greetings from the Center Director

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) led by the United Nations include 17 goals, many of which are related to biodiversity. Conserving biodiversity is the basis for maintaining the benefits that humans receive from terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and both developed and developing countries must work together to achieve the goals. The value of biodiversity conservation, both in terms of environmental ethics and economics, has come to be recognized worldwide. However, for the various stakeholders to discuss and reach a compromise, biodiversity must first be evaluated quantitatively. Due to economic and time constraints, it has been difficult to conduct the monitoring of the ecosystems at a sufficiently high spatio-temporal resolution using conventional research methods. This research center aims to contribute to society to achieve the SDGs by providing high-resolution biodiversity data for various activities and political decisions for biodiversity conservation, using environmental DNA analysis, a new ecosystem monitoring method, as a core technology.

This center was established in 2017, and we are working on the conservation of biodiversity not only with researchers belonging to the center but also in cooperation with related experts and practitioners. We look forward to your support and cooperation.

Hiroki Yamanaka, Director, Research Center for Biodiversity Science, Ryukoku University


April 1,2017 The Center for Biodiversity Science, Ryukoku University, opened
Research Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Religion, Science and Humanities at Ryukoku University has established this research center as one of the strategic research projects to disseminate advanced research results in Japan and overseas.


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